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Peter Jennings and stupid scanner.

Well, I just tried to scan my pictures that I took yesterday and I couldn't get them to go under 6 megs. I am not a scanner person, no I'm not. Can anyone tell me how to make the images less than 6 megs using Adobe Photoshop? That would be helpful and such.

I was really depressed last night. I wrote BB this really long letter about feeling like I used to take things for granted and now there's nothing left to take for granted. Which is not true, because this morning, before I left my dad's house, I was willing him with my psychic mind powers to give me some money, but he didn't. And I was dissapointed. That is so gross of me, and I should feel ashamed.

I was finally able to find flags today, at Micheals in Dallas. They were cheap and every single person in the store were gathered around them, wanting them and such. It was nifty.

I slept in my dad's bed (he was spending the night with his Bunny) with my puppy last night. Damn, that bed is comfortable. Yay.

When BB and I went to dinner on Thursday at On the Border, all the servers were gathered in the corner, talking amongst themselves. Our server came over and told us that there was a guy on the corner who supposedly had a bomb strapped to his chest. A few minutes later, she came by and told us it was a hoax, which was what we suspected, but you can't be too careful these days. Anyway, I thought that was a bunch of crap and people just need to chill out.

I was listening to the radio yesterday and one woman calls in and says "We need to tell the teachers of our kids to allow them to pray in school, because if they could, none of this would have ever happened." Yeah, okay, so if we said our prayers everyday in school right before we did our algebra, the World Trade Center would still be here and thousands of people would still be alive. Sure, I understand that. No, I really don't.

At my dad's farm yesterday, he was talking to one of the people that works there, and wow, if you ever had a stereotype of a typical Texan, this would be the guy. He has the biggest accent I've ever heard, he has to have his wages garnished for child support, he's "moving his house" (a trailer, I assume.. duh, right?) next week, he was wearing his cowboy boots,+ his best friend is in jail and he works on a farm. The only thing that would have made it complete was if he had a cowboy hat on, which, unfortunately, he didn't.

One thing that kinda bothers me about this whole thing is that I'm not feeling the "reporter instinct." I want to work for a newspaper, yet I don't feel that instinct to go interview people who have just lost the most important people in their lives. I just don't have that in me. I watched ABC or someone else follow this lady around NYC who was looking for her husband. Eventually she found him, but what if she didn't? I saw one girl search NYC for her husband until she wasn't physically able to move anymore. And I just want to say that Peter Jennings sucks my ass. I thought he did a good job for a little while, but then I really watched for like 2 or 3 hours, and he was cutting people off and asking dumb questions that they couldn't answer, and being a big pain in the ass. Gah.

Okay, that's my spewage for now. I'll probably write later, cuz I want to record the notes I took on my East Coast Road Trip that I took this summer, just so I'll have them. Thank you, and have a nice day.

4:49 p.m. - September 16, 2001


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